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Tybee Island Nature Trails, Hiking, Birdwatching and Outdoor Adventure

Directory of local walking paths and birding spots to Explore on Tybee Island, GA.

There are plenty of natural trails and scenic pathways for visitors to explore Tybee's pristine environment. Located just off Highway 80 (the main road onto Tybee) are easy-to-walk nature trails winding through an ancient maritime forest and wetlands area, with a variety of bird species, dolphins and other noteworthy siteseeing adventures.

Tybee Island's terrain is relatively flat and the island itself is only 4.5 miles long, so bicycyling or walking are the best ways to easily get around. Nature trails and the old railroad trail are all near Highway 80, with bike rentals available.
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Tybee Island Nature Trails and Birding Spots

Blue Heron Nature Trail

Located off the north side of US-80 opposite Lewis Ave., this trail is almost directly across US-80 from the Sally Pearce Nature Trail.

Fort Pulaski National Monument

This 5,600 acre compound consists of McQueen's Island, Cockspur Island, and the adjacent salt marsh just off Hwy 80. These diverse habitats are home to 200 species of birds and abundant wildlife and ecosystems. The most colorful bird on Georgia's coastline is the Painted Bunting that can be found along the edges of the woodlands and coastal marshes. Fort Pulaski and the surrounding areas offer an excellent place to spot migratory birds from spring to fall.

The salt marshes and upland areas of Fort Pulaski National Monument support many species of wildlife. If lucky you may catch a glimpse of one of the 11 Protected Species that have been identified at the park. These are: American oystercatcher, bald eagle, gull-billed tern, least tern, loggerhead sea turtle, manatee, peregrine falcon, piping plover, swallow-tailed kite, Wilson's plover and woodstork.

Little Tybee Island

Accessible only by boat, Little Tybee Island is an unspoiled, uninhabited nature preserve. Visible from the south end of Tybee Island, "Little" Tybee is actually more than twice Tybee Island's size. Between the islands is Tybee Creek and Inlet. Williamson is at the southern end of this island complex, and its southern end looks over to Wassaw Sound and Wassaw Island about 4 miles away.

This unique wilderness preserve is abundant with rich coastal salt marshes; pristine beaches; natural dunes and subtropical forests of live oak, pine, and palm. Wildlife includes egrets, herons, white ibis and the endangered woodstork. Roseate spoonbills, ospreys and bald eagles are also often seen. Natural communities on the islands include tidal creeks, salt marsh, hammock, and beach. Spartina is found in the marshes, while maritime forests of Live Oaks, cabbage palms, and saw palmetto are found on the upland sand ridges. Pines, cedars, and wax myrtles colonize the high ground, and dune plants and sea oats are found trapping blowing sands and growing the dunes.

North Beach Birding Trail

Walk west from the Tybee Island Lighthouse down North Beach into the Bird Sanctuary. Access the beach through the North Beach Parking Area, located behind Fort Screven on Meddin Dr.

Old RR Trail

Alongside U.S. Highway 80, this crushed-stone path follows the old railroad path. Until 1933, this was Tybee's only land route to the mainland. Today, it's a popular spot for biking, hiking and watching wetland wildlife.

Park of 7 Flags

This small passive park with beach seats and a fountain and beach is located on Butler Ave. at the west end of Tybrisa.

Sally Pearce Nature Trail

This short trail is located on the south side of US-80 at Fifth Avenue.

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